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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting with Camfield Chapman Lowe.

Cloud Accounting is fast becoming the easiest and safest way to keep your financial records up to date. At Camfield Chapman Lowe, we can help you realise the potential of this new area to improve your record keeping and management information, which in turn will lead to more informed decision making and improved performance.

Below we've outlined some of the reasons why we think cloud accounting could make a significant positive impact in many businesses. We would be happy to discuss with you how cloud accounting can work for you and your business. Just contact us, and we can take you through some the benefits.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting is the use of accountancy software or hardware over the internet. Cloud Accounting Applications can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, via a PC, Mac or smartphone. Many of these packages are now extremely feature rich, giving the flexibility and reliability you need as a business.

Why should I come to you for Cloud Accounting?

Every business is different. As with any accountancy software package, modifications will be necessary to make it work for you. After discussing your requirements, we can set up your new service, modify it to your requirements and prepare opening balances so that you can begin using the software with confidence. Because your data is in the cloud, we can access it in real time. So when you need support, we can access and amend your accounts remotely, so you can have confidence in your figures.

These are just some of the benefits of using cloud accounting systems with Camfield Chapman Lowe. Contact Us to see how we can make the transition to cloud accounting as easy as possible.

Which service should I choose?

Having looked at a variety of cloud accounting packages and ascertained what they can do for our clients, we are proud to offer three software packages*:

Kashflow offers an easy management of all the key areas with its easy to use Client Dashboard. It can show you how much is owed to you by your customers and a running total of how much VAT you will need to pay or potentially receive back from HMRC.

Xero migrated to the United Kingdom in 2012 after being formed in New Zealand in 2007 and has brought their software to UK based companies with great success.

Sage has a wealth of experience in the accounting software field, having produced desktop solutions for accountancy firms for over 20 years. With the increase in interest in cloud accounting packages, Sage has taken its experience of accounting solutions and created Sage One.

*If you feel that there is a better software package to suit you, we are happy to discuss a bespoke package to suit you and your business. Contact us and ask for our cloud accounting team.

We have compiled our top 4 reasons why we love Cloud Accounting Solutions; if you think that the reasons below sound good enough to move onto the cloud, please contact us for a no obligation migration conversation.

  1. No Software to Update

    If you are tired of paying a sizeable sum to update your software every year, then one of our cloud accounting packages could be right for you; our software subscriptions start from as little as £10 per month. There is also an added bonus; Cloud Accounting Packages are always being updated and you won't have to pay extra to have the latest version.

  2. Collaboration

    Whether you need multiple users to access the software simultaneously or if you want to link with us as your accountants, our selected products will offer both options without any effect on performance or data.

  3. Bank Feeds

    Automatic Bank feeds are now a key part of all of the packages we offer. Bank Feeds have allowed many of our clients to save hours of manual data entry. In some cases bank feeds are charged at an added fee per month.

  4. Access Anywhere

    Always on the go? As long as you have a Wi-Fi or Internet Connection, you will be able to keep across all of your business finances. Two of our packages also offer applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to make using them on the go even easier.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, would like a free consultation or a fixed fee quote.

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